Nuclear, the perfect Tag Team to Solar/Wind

We have seen massive rally in commodities across the board, including mineral (like crude oil), industrial (copper, nickel, iron ore) and agriculture (corn, wheat, sugar, edible oil spectrum). However one commodity that is yet to see any meaningful upswing in prices is the widely hated and almost criminalized, that is Uranium. I, and several other informed institutional investors/analysts believe that Uranium’s upswing is long over due.

I would like to enlist below few of the major reason why I feel that Nuclear Power is the perfect tag team partner to Solar and Wind in the green energy drive globally, and…

Gold Prediction

Part — III of Gold Prediction Series. Step by step guide to predict a crash in Gold prices using Classification with PyCaret

Gold Price Movement


In the previous two parts of the Gold Prediction series, we discussed how to import data from free yahoofinancials API and build a regression model to predict return from Gold over two horizons. i.e 14-Day and 22-Day.

In this part, we will try to predict if there would be a ‘sharp fall’ or ‘crash’ in Gold Prices over next 22-Day period. We would be using a classification technique for this experiment. We will also learn how to use the trained model to make a prediction on new data every day. The steps for this exercise would be:

  1. Import and shape…

Gold Prediction

Part- I Importing and Preparing Data


I have been a student of financial markets for over a decade and have been studying different asset classes and their behavior in different economic conditions. It is difficult to find an asset class which has greater polarization than Gold. There are people who love it and people who hate it, and more often than not, they remain in the same camp forever. Since Gold has very little fundamentals of its own (again a source of polarization), in this multi-part series I will try to predict Gold Price returns using several Machine Learning techniques. …

Mohammad Riazuddin CFA, MMA

A Finance and Analytics professional striving to unclutter the information overload and make sense of the ever-changing world around us.

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